LOVE FOR SALE -Work/Detroit January 14th, 2012, Detroit, MI.

I’m fond of the Rorschach ink blot test. I see it as a primitive psychological experiment, easy to project onto patients even if the doctor, the authority figure, lacks any strong visual sense of his/her own. The things I see in splatters, clouds, tiles have always been monstrous and wonderful, and are almost beside the point. On some level I feel the same about the choices of words I might make at any given moment. Even though quite conscious I would write something else if I sat down to do so two minutes later. Being a thing maker I have to put something down and some point stop dithering and do. I enjoy the little battle between the accident of the inkblot and the decisiveness of the words. Sometimes the words hold their own but sometimes the accident of the moment partially drowns them out. The piece of paper is me having a conversation with you though it is awkward and stilted. I’m trying to lure you in even as I warn you to stay back.

All pieces are 11” x 14”. Medium is housepaint/latex/acrylic/resist. They can be hung in any formation, as one group or in batches, as space and mood (of installers) dictate. Use one simple pin (all the same and unobtrusive) in each corner, approx 3/8” from side/top/bottom.

Russell Christian 12.28.11

SOMA: ENGAGING ART 2013 -Pierro Gallery of South Orange, South Orange, NJ
Statement for FLIGHT

My tiresome obsession with bankers and their nefarious ways is worrying. Fortunately I have an alter ego through whom I can channel my rage, rants, and ineffectual diatribes. The name of this alter ego is Art O’Connor, long time member of the Bruxist Collective, and thorn in the side of the financial sector.

Art needs his bank manager, the lofty Mr. Bullrider, more than his bank manager needs him. He needs an object at which to vent and fume and Bullrider, otherwise known as the Bouncy Banker, is it. The therapeutic value he provides certainly outweighs any money management advice he might care to offer. Art O’Connor has been pestering his bank manager with annoying letters for years. Bullrider usually doesn’t respond to the whining of such financial neophytes but has been persuaded to do so—just this once—by his good hearted secretary, Ms. K. She strongly believes one should treat one’s clients with respect...even if they don’t have penny to their name.

Mr. Bullrider and Mr. Art O’Connor have never formally met but each continues to warily observe “the other” performing the strangest of dances as they do so.

Russell Christian 5.22.13

I am inventing letters—an informal typography—in an endless alphabet. I use them to write paintings. 

The way I paint is pretty rough and fairly impatient. I am not good at keeping a studio organized. It always looks rifled through because I am always searching for something.

I have an ambivalent relationship with narrative. The songs that hold me have open ended lyrics and a hook and the same applies to painting. The best narrative paintings are more than the story they tell. They exist beyond the frame and reward close examination.

I like collecting forms. Sometimes these forms are abstract and flat, sometime hard to identify but somehow real, sometimes figurative but surreal. How I share them matters. The negative space between these forms must be balanced formally and emotionally.

Statement  Pingry Show 12.3.14

Statement                          THE BIG SMALL SHOW 2015                  11. 9. 15

I draw characters that range from scribbles and daubs to carefully rendered figures, letters or oblique, abstract forms. Sometimes I write legibly and sometimes indecipherably. I draw singular forms or multiple rows, filling up space with the collections in my head. I want to include everything from crude mark making to implied stories. When I draw I am acting out, cataloguing expression and ideas, getting the chatter down.