Art needs his bank manager, the lofty Mr. Bullrider, more than his bank manager needs him. He needs an object at which to vent and fume and Bullrider, otherwise known as the Bouncy Banker, is it. The therapeutic value he provides certainly outweighs any money management advice he might care to offer. Art O’Connor has been pestering his bank manager with annoying letters for years. Bullrider usually doesn’t respond to the whining of such financial neophytes but has been persuaded to do so—just this once—by his good hearted secretary, Ms. K. She strongly believes one should treat one’s clients with respect...even if they don’t have a penny to their name. 
Mr. Bullrider and Mr. Art O’Connor have never formally met but each continues to warily observe “the other” performing the strangest of dances as they do so. 
Russell Christian